Friday, June 10, 2016

I am a software engineer and I love to be one!

I am a software engineer. Most of the Indians whom I met feel ashamed or guilty to introduce themselves as a software engineer. They say that they are good at some other skill but they ended up being a software engineer. I was one among them till I started loving my profession. Even if I wanted to switch careers, no other career has excited me as much because of the following aspects in a software career.

Work environment: It always throws new challenges to test our intelligence with complex real life scenarios and new technologies.
Work-life balance: With 2 or 3 day weekends and regular holidays, it ensures that we maintain work-life balance.
Annual Compensation: It offers one of the best packages at entry level and also substantial annual hikes compared to that of other professions.
Hone Skills: Apart from technical skills, it we have to improve our communication skills and learn foreign languages to deal with fellow teammates and clients.
Flexibility: It offers us the flexibility to work from anywhere in this world (even from a loo).
Respect: People in most of the countries (except India) regard software professionals with high respect as they revolutionize the way people live.

      I personally enjoyed success in many challenging projects, had a balanced life with the best annual packages, improved my communication skills to a great extent and learnt foreign languages (Japanese and German), worked with a great flexibility and started receiving immense respect for my work. My work includes understanding the processes and creating software to increase productivity to:
Build a particle accelerator, manage the data in cars, trains and airplanes, visualize consumer life style products, package FMCG goods, deal with vacuum cleaners and XBOX.

      After coming to Germany, I started treating work as another hobby. I work for 4-days a week and plan the remaining three days to pursue my hobbies and interests. 

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