Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Forgetfulness brings a repository of sweet memories, which we cherish for a lifetime. This is what I feel about forgetfulness whenever my parents, siblings and friends nag at me about being forgetful. Moreover I counter them saying that forgetfulness comes by birth and is an art that cannot be emulated.

    My mom asks me to buy 1 kg tea powder packet. I go to the shop, which is at the end of my street and return with 2 kg coffee powder packet. She shouts at me to get tea powder. Again I go back to the shop and out of forgetfulness I return with a 0.5 kg coffee powder packet. She yells at me and gives a 'small paper' in which it is written "1 kg tea powder packet". This time I want to prove my mom that my memory is good at mugging not only the chemistry equations but also the groceries list. By the time I go to shop, I get confused thinking coffee powder of which brand? To make things worse, I lose the 'small paper'. Being helpless, my Mom gives a smile and goes to the shop.

    Many sweet memories belie incidents that come out of forgetfulness. May it be going to examination hall without a hall-ticket, going to BITS Pilani without an admission letter, going to openbook test without a sinlge book, going to Prasad's theatre with a PVR cinema ticket. Not to make it sour, I wish to go to honeymoon without forgetting my wife:)