Saturday, October 31, 2009

Those five minutes...

Challenging work, tight schedules and layoffs in November first week. Need I say more? Gosh! My professional life was never so hectic before. On top of this sits the b-school application process. I’m literally craving for a five hour sleep a day. Even though I’m wriggling hard with the essays, I feel that I’m not giving even 60% of what I can. However, I amassed a few exciting experiences in this application process.
For one b-school application, I worked on my essays and incorporated the changes that my friends suggested me. With half an hour time to deadline, one of my friends called me and said that he would edit my essays. Even though I was reluctant to take his feedback in the last hour, I took a chance thinking that his feedback might make a difference. Meanwhile, I reviewed my essays and forgot to keep track of time. When I checked the time, I had only 5 minutes to submit the application. I ran to search for my wallet to pick my credit card.

Those 5 minutes

5 minutes to spare:
Tring.. tring… tring… There comes a call from the devil’s advocate. He asked me to check his feedback. Oh! What an inappropriate time?

4 minutes to spare:
I checked his feedback on my essays. Oh! No. There were too many changes to make. My nerves started trembling and my brain started a non-cooperation movement. With much difficulty, I prioritized the changes and picked two.

3 minutes to spare:
Only one question hit my mind from all the corners. Can I submit the application on time? I made necessary changes and uploaded the new document. A sigh of relief has just lasted an instant when I noticed that the site stopped working.

2 minutes to spare:
My thoughts drove me outside this world. All of a sudden, I called my friend in US to know the US Eastern Standard Time. My friends say that sometimes I go crazy and this is a good example.

1 minute 30 seconds to spare:
I chanted a few times “Om Jayanthaaya namahaa… ”. In jet speed, I paid the fee to submit the application.

1 minute to spare:
My first reaction was a gape at the ceiling followed by a loud laugh saying to myself “Vow! I have 60 more seconds”.

Lesson: Plan in advance and make wise decisions. Otherwise you have to rely on the powerful weapon “Om Jayanthaaya namahaa…” :))))))))))