Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Funny (German) Experience

My first abroad trip has set a big platform for unlimited funny experiences. My friend Ramana, alias annayya, received me in Hamburg and taught me basic etiquette of Germany. I stood in awe of him after knowing the way he mastered German language by reading complex topics and novels over the last five years. When Ramana took me out, he read all the hoardings in German language loudly to ensure that I notice his proficiency.

    After two days, I had to travel from Hamburg to Wolfsburg. Everything is written in German and most of the people speak only German language. So, here comes my biggest challenge as I need to travel by three different trains. Very worried about my situation, Ramana accompanied me to the railway station (Bahnhof). A scrolling at the platform (Gleis) and an announcement in German language greeted us to which he paid utmost attention. He looked at me with a big smile and asked me whether I understood the announcement. With impending gratitude in my eyes, I responded that I must have got panicked and had to run after people without him. With immense pride in his eyes, Ramana said that the train was delayed by 10 minutes. The last time I saw such pride in his eyes was during his engagement.

    Even after waiting for 20 more minutes, the train has not arrived. Ramana tracked the train's location and spoke to the railway authorities fluently in German language. He came back with his hands on his head and requested me whether I can stay back in Hamburg for that night. My curious and shocked eyes stared at him to know the reason. It seems that the announcement and scrolling were provided to inform that the train will come to 10th platform. Ramana assumed/understood that the train is delayed by 10 minutes. He said that if a person like me with 5 years of experience in German language faces this kind of situation, then what is the plight of people like you? In no time, I thanked him for his concern and got into the next available train.