Monday, November 26, 2012

10K run... Get... Set... Start...

Have you got registered for 10K run?
How are you practicing?
What is your Bib number?
Should we go by car or train?

These questions have been part of my daily discussions with my friends and colleagues for the last couple of weeks. Finally, the D-day has arrived. I got up at 4.30 am and woke my friends Manoj, Rajesh and Bob up. We went to Hi-tech city railway station, parked our car and took a train at 5.50 am. We reached ‘Necklace Road’ station at 6.10 am. A five minute stroll took us down to the starting point of 10K run. The race started at 6.40 am when film actor and union minister Mr. Chiranjeevi flagged-off the event.

Around 8500 participants turned up for the event. Water and other refreshments were served every 100 metres. ‘Gangnam Style’ music stalls in between kept the runners energetic. With the policemen and ambulances around, runners were safe and secure. I finished running 10 kilometers in 63 minutes, four minutes more than my personal best. I ran the first 5 kilometers in 32 minutes and the next 5 kilometers in 31 minutes.

At the end, I received a medal for finishing 10 kilometers run and also got some refreshments. Neither did I develop any sprain in my legs nor did I feel tired throughout the day. A few trial runs of 10kms, 7kms and 7kms in that order for the last one week helped me prepare well for this 10K run. Besides, 10K run was very well organized. Thanks to my friend Swetha for informing me about this event. I also made sure that a few of my enthusiastic friends and colleagues participate in this event and run for Aashayein Foundation. This foundation aims to promote child education.