Sunday, June 21, 2009

They made my day...

I went to bed at 2am after receiving B’day wishes from some of my close pals. Early in the morning, Chow, Bhaav and my Mom disturbed my sleep and nagged me to take bath. While taking bath, I thought I would make today, someone’s day. In no time, I went, on behalf of Aashayein Foundation, to a small government school in Koramangala to teach kids. When I entered the class, all the forty students stood up and sang the Birthday song. I was moved and quite overwhelmed. I took some time to thank all the students, as I was left with no words. Thanks to Rithvika and Shashi for arranging this. Later I served breakfast to the students. I wanted to make their day but they made my day. On my way back, I went to temple to please Gods (and my Mom).

After having lunch, I saw Angels and Demons movie. ‘Angels and Demons’ is one of my favorite books. I enjoyed even the movie, a lot. I celebrated my birthday with my friends Kiran, Kirti and Suresh by cutting a mouthwatering cake. Later we went to ‘Magnolia’ for dinner. Now, on my friends' request, it was Magnolia restaurant’s turn to overwhelm me with a Birthday song and a Birthday cake. Once again, Suresh, Kiran and Kirti made my day. I thank my family, friends, friends’ families and relatives for their warm Birthday wishes.

Check the following link to see pics:

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I attended an event, “STARTUP CITY”. As the event is really happening, I want to share some details of the event. More than 100 startups from Bangalore and other cities came under one roof to exchange their ideas and to market their products and services. Some entrepreneurs (Naukri, Rediff, etc) gave a few seminars on their success stories and on what to look for while you are setting a startup. Many startups have set up the stalls at the venue. I got a chance to visit those stalls. Each startup has come up with a different idea. I came to know about the different products and services, and familiarized myself with the latest cutting edge technologies used. Till date, we saw how internet changed our lives, now it’s time we experience how mobile technology is going to revolutionize the way we live. Some startups have come up with really exciting ideas.

You can pay the bills (mobile [any service provider], electricity, etc) with the help of just an SMS even if we don’t have internet connection on our mobile .
If you want to locate a place, simple SMS can help you out.
And yaa… there is one website on wedding also.
Web Vivah

There are many more ideas, which I’m unable to recollect right now. You can visit the following site to find those out:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

(MELO)Drama in Examination Hall

Strongly determined to make 10 out of 10 in the second semester of Engineering, I entered the college campus in Ishtyle. As the saying goes that all good things come to an end, this determination also came to an end on the very same day. At that instant, little did I know that this scene keeps repeating at the beginning of every semester? That’s the beauty of student life. Isn’t it?

    Most of the time, I gave my best shot to pose as if I am really determined to make a mark in studies. In the third semester of Engineering, I did a course, Mechanics of Solids (Mech Sol). I felt I’m not prepared enough to crack the test. So, I studiously consulted a doctor. Wondering why??? Doctor would give a medical prescription, which would help me in applying for a Make-up (If you don’t appear for regular test, BITS curriculum offers you a re-test called make-up test).

    After two weeks, I appeared for Mech Sol Make-up test. I had to sweat to mug up all the 30 lengthy formulas in the textbook. I kept on cramming the formulas till I reached the examination hall. As soon as I reached the hall, I carefully placed the book on the podium. In the first 10 minutes, I read each question in the paper for more than 10 times. I racked my brains hard but hardly found any clue to solve even a single question. Suddenly, the instructor approached me and said “Ah! Man, what are you doing?” I checked my pockets for slips and found none. He exclaimed “Ah! Man, This is OB(Open Book)!!!”. Hearing this, I saw almost a billion stars at one glance in that examination hall. How stupid am I? I spent two days cramming the formulas from the text book. In an open book test we can refer to all the text books and note books. I thought this is a closed book test and took only a text book, which I carefully placed on the podium. The instructor was staring at my face and curiously waiting for my answer. I replied “I don’t need a book”. Now, it is instructor’s turn to see a billion stars in the examination hall. He was shocked to hear such a reply and stared at me for more than ten minutes. To perplex him, I scribbled all those 30 lengthy formulas, which I mugged up, on the answer sheet. In those ten minutes, only one thought ran in my mind for countless times. Once the instructor went out of the room, I implemented that thought. I ran to the podium, picked up the text book and came back to my seat. But it did not take me much time to realize that picking the text book is of no use. I was lucky enough to survive a zuk(0) shock in that scary test in which 75% of the students made 0/45.