Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ran again to...

Let me tell you as every blogger do. “Hey guys… I resume blogging”. Bloggers are habitual liars. aren’t they? Coming to me, I don’t get enough time to blog. Yeah… you are right! It’s a euphemistic way of saying my bones are getting lazier day by day. So, BITS Alumni Association came up with a ‘BITSAA World 5K run’ to shed my laziness.

On a Sunday morning, my alarm waged a futile battle, with a couple of snoozes, to wake me up at 6am. Later, a reminder (‘5k run’) succeeded at 6.15am. I finished my morning chores quickly and rushed to the venue. On my way to the venue, Cubbon park, I parked my vehicle at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium. When I was about to search for the participants, an ‘enthu’sed gang of more than 50 bitsians with BITS Pilani t-shirts, made my life easy. A glance at the lively bitsians from 1974 to 2007 batches increased my energy levels. I met a few juniors, Sujay and Surya, and a psenti chat followed. All of us started the run at 7am. Thereafter, everyone kept himself busy to put down the flab and perspired enough. Though my ankle sprained a little by the end of the run, I could finish the 5k run in 5th place, within 30 minutes.

Way back in 2004, I finished a 10K run in 60 minutes. Though I didn’t get a chance to run after that, the transition was very smooth. For me, the take home value from this 5K run is that I decided to finish a 4K run at least twice a week. I even started implementing this to improve my stamina and keep myself fit. Come on guys… run and run and run to be fit...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yet, another year… another birthday… another cake…

Oh! My Birthday! This is slowly transforming from the most awaited day to the most dreaded day. Yet, another year… another birthday… another cake… God! I’m getting older!!! At least the people around make me feel so… I wish there is a reset button where I can set the clock back to 25!! If I look back, last one year has been alt-tabbing between bharatmatrimony.com and mbamission.com. Besides that I should honestly agree that I worked (rather say ‘was forced to work’) for the first time in my professional life.

After a day of hectic shopping, I kept my mobile in silent mode and went to bed. But some of my good pals Kirru, K, NP, Puppy, Swamy, Chow and Challu, with their wishes, succeeded in waking me up. Kirru took pain to wish me with a cake. On top of this, my mom came down to Bangalore to make my day. Later, my phone kept ringing through out the day. All my friends and relatives were eager to know about my marriage plans than to wish me on my birthday. Everyone says “Get married soon…” To me, it sounded like “Get well soon…” as if I am suffering from a dengue fever.

With my Mom around, I couldn’t skip a visit to temple. After cutting a cake in the afternoon, we went to Magnolia restaurant. K’s surprise visit with a beautiful bouquet added flamboyance to the birthday treat although, the red roses in the bouquet must have scared my mom. Looking towards another year with lots of hope and loads of luck, I wish to do something different… yes something different:D To start off, I’m changing my loyalties from Brazil to Argentina!!!! After all, Does it really matter?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waaaw! I missed it…

Do you remember the last time you missed a bus or a train?

What was your reaction?

Oops! Shit! …and what not!

Though I encountered many such situations, the recent one would last long down my memory lane. These days, I work less and participate more in meetings(inactively). When I was in one meeting, a glimpse at my watch took me by surprise. I was left with 3 hours to catch a flight to Pune in order to meet a customer the next day. I had to travel all the way from electronic city to airport with a halt at koramangala to pick my baggage.

Though I sailed swiftly through a hefty traffic to reach Koramangala, I took enough time to pack my baggage, take bath and have early dinner. With only one and a half hour to catch the flight, the skillful cab driver fetched me to airport with 20 minutes to spare. When I was about to get down, the sight of the baskin robbins ice-cream outlet tickled my taste buds. I rushed to the shop, got my favorite “pralined cashew” scoop and sprinted to collect my boarding pass. “Sorry! You are late by 4 minutes”. These words immediately induced a powerful stare that turned my head towards the cone in my hand.

Then, I said “Waaaw! Thank you” with a big smile on my face.

Even before the Spice Jet employees digest my reply, I canceled the flight ticket and booked another ticket for the next flight, Kingfisher class. I was fortunate enough to get the reimbursement for both the tickets:)