Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whaaaaat a Surprise!!!

It was 3pm when I received a call from Kirti.

Kirti: Hey dude.. Wassup?
Jayanth: Nothing much dude.. Same old story… work.. apps.. search..
Kirti: Any progress in any of these?
Jayanth: Nopes… By the way, what are your plans for Pongal?
Kirti: No plans. How about you?
Jayanth: Oh! I want to go to Kakinada. But one and a half month back, the train ticket status was W/L 289. I may go home, if I get a bus ticket.
Kirti: Oh! Is it? But you don’t travel by bus. Right?
Jayanth: Yeah! I don’t want to. But there is no other option. I want to be there with my family for Pongal.
(The conversation went on for a minute)
Kirti: OK Dude.. Take care. Enjoy Pongal.

    I received a mail with a Kingfisher airlines ticket to Visakhapatnam. Oh Boy! It took me by a big surprise… When I find it difficult to get even a bus ticket, a flight ticket was booked on my name without my knowledge.

Later, I called Kirti who confirmed that he want to surprise me and want me to spend time with my family during Pongal. I said that I was really surprised but he should have informed me prior to booking the ticket as Visakhapatnam is 3 hours from my town, Kakinada. This conversation continued for 2 more minutes.
Kirti: OK Dude.. Happy Journey. Enjoy Pongal.

Now, I received two mails. One is about cancellation of ticket to Visakhapatnam and another about booking a new ticket to Rajahmundry. Now, I don’t have words for the next one hour. For sure, this is the biggest surprise to me in the last two years. Let's see what surprises 2011 has in store for me.

I wanted to return the money to Kirti. But, after knowing that the cost of the ticket is a whopping 10K rupees, I thought “OK. Let it be a surprise :) Thank you Kirti... You made my day..:D

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Difference in Newyear Celebrations! 2011 & 1991

31st December, 2010… 9pm

Oh! God! I’m already a little late to the party. I started to the venue in a hurry. Oh! boy! How can I forget that today is 31st? ‘Baskin Robbins’ offers 31% discount on every 31st. In no time, I ‘swallowed’ my favorite dessert, a 3 scoop banana split. When I reached the venue, my friends already started playing Poker. When I am done with learning the rules of Poker, my friends winded up the game and proceeded to a private party. Some of us had our dinner while others had the starters and drinks.

    After a while, we welcomed 2011 with a nice cake rubbing the cream against each other. Meanwhile, everyone was busy wishing their family and friends. It took us a while to settle down and start the latcha/baat session. The topics were really interesting. It started from ‘how each of them met his/her spouse’ to ‘some silly affairs/crushes’ and ‘the so called youth icons’ (the bachelors’) requirements of a bride’. Finally, it all ended at 4am but not before we pledge our resolutions.
 Jayanth - Not to take non-vegetarian food in 2011. Plan things and act. Don't react.
 Puppy - Start a new company.
 Gora - Find a compatible girl friend.
 Satti  - Join gym and be fit.

I couldn’t sleep as my thoughts rolled back to 31st December, 1990… 9pm

    I screamed at my mom, who was preparing a sweet for us. “I’ll get you all the sweets on this earth. Please! please! Please! For Heavens’ sake… start the rangoli in front of our house. Our new year rangoli should be the best in our street”. I requested my grandmother and my tenants to stop watching doordarshan program and help my mom draw the best rangoli. I kept myself busy sorting out the greeting cards of film stars for my close friends and of flowers for my relatives and teachers. After finishing rangoli, we stuck ourselves to the television.

    When the clock struck 12, I was completely in an excited state shouting “Good Bye.. 1990. Welcome 1991.” I could wish only my family members and my neighbors and eagerly waited for the greeting cards from my relatives. I ran outside and not only wished everyone who is crossing my house but also asked them to comment on the rangoli in front of my house. The joy of celebrating new-year at that tender age was a different experience. No parties, no poker, no ice-cream, no cake, no mobiles, no resolutions… Still I had a great new year celebration with my family members and those memories are still fresh…