Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Savandurga Trek

Trekking was never my passion. But unconsciously, I have always been doing it through out my life. Everyday, I trek a hill of troubles and a mountain of tensions. But this kind of trekking mounts stress and builds BP that ultimately deteriorates my health. So, I never like trekking 'life' but when it comes to trekking a 'hill' in literal sense, I love it a lot.

    People say trekking takes out flab, busts the stress, triggers blood circulation and above all provides fun. But I say it exhausts, bruises and tans us. I had this notion till I went to trek Black and White hills (Savandurga). For an year or two, I had a lean patch either it be on personal front or on professional front. Some decisions related to my profession let me down and some disorders made my health worse rubbing salt into the wound. It took me almost an year to come out of this. I am back, healthy and hairy, but felt that I miss something that I could not explain in my own words.

    One weekend we planned a trip to Black and White hills (Savandurga). Savandurga is situated at a distance of around 60 kilometers to the west of Bangalore. We started at 8am and reached there by 9.30am through the NICE road. Savandurga is the largest monolith in Asia. Looking at the monolith, the feeling that I had to trek it scared me. The journey through the dense vegetation, where I could not see the person going in front of me, made me shout with a muted pitch. While taking the steep curves, all of a sudden, I felt as if I am taking the last few steps of my life. Even though I was with five guys, the steep curves in the vegetation sent an eerie feeling, which beat my adrenaline rush in a race to reach my brain. I was not even a quarter way through, but the suffocation sent the signals to my mind that I need a break. Even my nostrils reddened moving in and out as if waving a red flag to a train and corroborated the signals sent by my mind. On top of this, sweating made me wet, but dehydration and the thought of failing to trek the hill made my skin dry. My body demanded some fluids and food in return to continue the journey. I managed myself with the fluids and food that I carried along me.

    When I was half way through ,almost everyone was exhausted and stopped trekking. All of us felt thirsty but we are short of water. I accelerated my breathe and felt as if the desert waves blew through my nose. All of us forgot that we had a brain with us, to decide whether to move further or to end the trek there itself. At once, I heard a voice from the top, a few feet ahead of us. Our eyes sparkled after looking at the vendor with water bottles. Suddenly, I started running, as if an ass kicked in my butt, towards the vendor. After quenching my thirst, I left no stone unturned to reach the peak by crossing the caves, boulders and seven feet troughs. Sheer determination and focus towards the goal led me further. Yes, I was on top of the black and white hills. I could not believe myself and asked my friend to pinch me. My shout reverberated for a while after being at the receiving end. The shout is on par with the cry of a victorious soldier after winning a territory. A glance at the surroundings, from the top of the hill, made me feel that I conquered the land I saw. After trekking black and white hills, I found out what let me down for the last few days. Yes, it was a ten letter word CONFIDENCE.

Trekking not only offers us some tangible benefits but also imbibes some 'inconspicuous forces' such as confidence and stamina in us. I don't say that you get the confidence to win the world and stamina to build a six pack. But trekking improves your personality as a whole both physically and mentally.

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