Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quest(ion) Urself?

a) How many trees are there in your street?
First Person : Sorry, I can tell you about the apartments. But, t..r..e..e..s… No way !
Second Person : Trees! No chance… I live in the center of the city.
Third Person : I never find much time to count.

b) What is the amount that US Government has decided to pump into the market to rescue US economy?
First Person : Around 700 billion dollars.
Second Person : Yes, A lump sum rescue package. 700 billion dollars
Third Person : Exactly 700 billion dollars Can you see yourself in the shoes of any of the three persons above?

Are we so busy that we don’t find time to notice petty things?
What kinds of things interest us?
Is our job, the most precious thing in our life?
Is our thinking aligned with the amount of money, in the object we see?
Does the neighborhood matter to us anymore?
Are we narrow-minded?
Have we become selfish?
Are we letting our morals down?

Is your answer “Yes”, to any of the questions above?

Have you ever planted a tree in your locality or at your home?
Have you ever visited an old age home?
Do you remember the time when you donated food to the needy?
Did you ever teach a lesson to any child in classroom?
Do you care about the little kids deprived of education?
Do you respect every person around you without discrimination?

Is your answer “No”, to any of the above questions?

Do you want to do some of the good things mentioned above?
Are you not getting enough time to do those good things?
Are you not getting the opportunity to help others?
What stops you from doing those good things?
What stops you from helping others?
Don’t you think that only a coward takes excuses?

Dear Friends,
A coward dies thousand deaths, but a brave person dies only once. You need not prove that you are a brave person, but confirm your identity as a human.

PS: Don't consider this a lecture. Consider this a stressful session. Help others. Rediscover your soul.


Swamy said...

Thanks for the lecture :-) . Good one at that.

Raja Chowdary said...

Experience Does take a man long way.. but on the way... u find ppl like us....

i Know not to accept the fact, but the first question do really dwell in my mind almost all the time.

I read through the message and plant a seed,
but to feed it, i find no time or need.
Am i in the right frame of mind.
I am not and i want to cry..
out aloud and make everyone hear
that i am no different than a mere
weed in the bush..
that caters to nothing than its own desire.

Jet said...

Vow! Chow, I think its time u start blogging. Thank you very much for the comments. I feel glad that the blog made u spare a thought. After going thru this blog, even NP said that he is seriously thinking to do sth to the society. We shall elaborate this discussion in our next meeting.