Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Photo on the front Page of The Times of India

Recently I represented Siemens in Banglore IT.Biz.... I chalked those details about IT.Biz and CEO Conclave in my previous blog. The CEO Conclave was a private affair in which the press was not allowed.. Somehow, my photo appeared on The Times of India (Bangalore) front page on 7th November. To check the same... go through the following steps..:)

Please follow these steps :
a) Copy and paste the link in your browser (The browser should be IE):
b) Select the following :
Publication : The Times of India Bangalore
Year : 2008
Month : November
Day : 7th
Go to front Page…
You can see one article on Front Page of The Times of India Bangalore about the IT.Biz. And you can even check the snap embedded in the article. Check the Snap below Sachin Tendulkar's snap:))

Yeah! It’s me!!!

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Mon said...

Sure u r too happy about this... :)