Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What kind of LOVE do you beLIeVE?

Love at first sight
People say that they love a person at first sight. Some people say it is the smile / physique / sharp features / style / height / color / voice / expressions in the face, etc that make their hearts flutter for a person. Some even say, “For an unknown reason my heart beats for that person from the very first sight. I feel, that person is born for me”
What makes a person love someone at the very first sight?
Is it the outer beauty, which will not last long?
Is it the sixth sense, which turns on only when you look at handsome guys and beautiful girls?

Love goes with friendship
I heard junta saying “Good friendship is a strong foundation for love” Some say that it is the trust and mutual respect that unites friends to love each other. I believe that if you engage yourself in frequent conversation with someone from your opposite sex, there is a high probability that you might fall in love with that person. I really wonder how long this trust and mutual respect takes the friends forward in the life once they tie a knot. I believe that all the problems begin after marriage, once they start living together.
What makes a person love a friend?
Is it the momentary caring and support that a friend shows?
Is it the temporary “feel comfortable” link that pulls a person into love?

Love after marriage
People, in this section, are strongly tied up with family customs, traditions and paternal love. Some people who are involved in break-ups or one-sided affairs and some, who are losing hectares on the scalp at a good pace or building assets in the form of huge tummies also fall in this category. In fact, that’s why some people call it a “Losers Heaven”. People have high expectations on their spouse before getting married. Post marriage, many of them get bogged down after witnessing the ground realities. Later they adjust themselves with the Hobson’s choice.
What makes a person love his/her spouse after marriage?
Is it because that he/she is left with no option?
Is it because that one has to be hypocritical to face the society?

What is your take on this?
I am trying to be at my critical best.


Anonymous said...

please jayanth, get married soon.
you will get over this confusion in a week after you get married.

also, it will give us a chance to know if you have 6th sense, or hypocritical.

you moron

Phani said...

Rey Jet. As rightly said by some one earlier i think its high time you should get married to know the answers for your Questions Dude

Ramana KV said...

Jayanth, You seem to be frustrated that none for the options are working in ur favour :)

Good one.. Keep posting more..

Jet said...

@Anonymous: Whoever this anonymous is:)) Thanx for the suggestion:) I'm not ready to put my life at stake to let you know whether it is 6th sense or hypocritical:)))

@Phani: Dude Phani:) U r in front of me in the queue.. Ur line got cleared earlier than that of mine. Howz life @ end? Couldn't hear from u for a long time.

@Ramana: Yep! None of the options are working out:))) May be I need to consult you in this regard!

Ganga said...

what is wrong with you Jayanth? Look who is talking about Love and girls and marriage.

Interesting questions. Love, Marriage are quite mysterious to comprehend. Its God's play :)

GADDAM said...


You need to understand that,
"Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end."

This applies for love at first sight, love from friendship and love after marriage. You need to be in love to understand this but definitely not the one which is an attraction today, a compromise tomorrow and a regret later.


Jet said...

@Ganga: Nothin wrong with me! Put the blame on my age, not on me:) Good that u managed to evade ur take so cleverly...

@Gaddam: Vow Gads! well said! I liked the first sentence "Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship". Many of us fail to understand this. I'm simply waiting for my turn to understand this;)

Anonymous said...

Enough of your theoretical swimming you hv done so far...jump into the waters now... thats the only way to learn will fear it only as long as you are on the shore and doing all your calculations..once you get into will take you well...don;t think too much and complicate that little brain of yours..

Jet said...

@Anonymous: Hi Anonymous, Yes.. Even I think that i've done enough theoritical survey...:) But slowly i'm realizing that it is quite a complicated task to handle relationships in real life... I hope God gives me the guts to jump into deep waters :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, its deep waters and you need guts. But its safe waters too. You will never drown, you will only learn to swim. How well and quickly you learn is up to you.

Jet said...

@Anonymous: I think I am leaving no stone unturned in getting ready to show my guts. I wish I learn to swim quickly:)

Note: Whoever is giving comments in the name of Anonymous, I wish they give comments using their gmail id.