Saturday, February 21, 2009


Are you a matured soul?
When do you call someone a matured soul?
Does maturity come with age or with experience?

People say that our decision making ability reflects our maturity.

What factors do you take into consideration while making a decision?
· What makes me happy?
· Who are the actors affected by my decision?
· How do I face the society after taking the call?

In my opinion, if you have to take a call in your life or if you have to take a decision of your life time, you should think alone considering the factors mentioned above. 99% of the time, the first question takes a back seat and the second and third questions take priority in your decision making.
What will my parents think?
What will my siblings think?
What will my friends think?
How do I face the society?

You get confused thinking much about this and get tempted to involve your friends, brothers, sisters, parents, etc while making such a decision. You should definitely take the suggestion but you should define a clear line between suggesting and intruding. Here, you fail utterly because the moment you involve another person, most of the time, he/she trespasses the fence (brain) and interrupts your decision making. Thus, the outcome is not your decision.

You might rationalize saying that this person knows much about me, what I like and what I want in my life. That is foolishness. Such kind of reasoning implies that you have not given a serious thought about yourself. You are the best person in this world who knows what you like and who knows what you want. Who is someone else to dictate how you should live? After all, it is your life… If the decision you have taken is not yours, then how can you live your life to the fullest?

Think independently and take a decision. If you think that taking decisions makes you a matured soul, you are wrong. It is the effects of your decisions on you that make you, a matured individual. If your decision does not affect you, it is just any other irrelevant incident in your life. In our day to day life, you have to make many decisions. But a few decisions affect you a lot. Experiencing these effects makes you a matured soul. As years pass by, you make many decisions and experience the effects of these decisions. In this process you get matured with your age through your experience.

Dear Friends,
Give a serious thought before you take any decision. Try your best not to let your parents and loved ones down because of the decision you take.


Ganga said...

More often we think that we have a free will to choose something but its just an illusion Jayanth. Everyone will realise the truth sometime that we dont have the free will. :)

P.S (My philosophy :-p )

Aru's Blog said...

Nice thoughts. All your decisions depend on context. It is you ultimately affected from outcome of those decisions. Maturity is the one gives complete picture of situation before and after your decisions. It does not matter on age.

Jet said...

@Ganga: Yes Ganga, I agree with you in saying that we think we have free will. But I believe that it is our thought proces that directs the free will. I would rephrase that second sentence as "We don't have control over outcome"

@Aru: As I said, I think some decisions might not necessarily affect us, but those may affect others a lot. I liked the definition of maturity that you have mentioned. Many of us cannot predict the outcome and even if we predict the outcome, we fail to assess the gravity of such outcome.

Ramana KV said...

Quite complicated stuff raa Jayanth..
Will give it a read again once you label me a 'matured' soul.. Will probably make some sense of it then.. :)

allu said...

a matured talk :):P