Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I attended an event, “STARTUP CITY”. As the event is really happening, I want to share some details of the event. More than 100 startups from Bangalore and other cities came under one roof to exchange their ideas and to market their products and services. Some entrepreneurs (Naukri, Rediff, etc) gave a few seminars on their success stories and on what to look for while you are setting a startup. Many startups have set up the stalls at the venue. I got a chance to visit those stalls. Each startup has come up with a different idea. I came to know about the different products and services, and familiarized myself with the latest cutting edge technologies used. Till date, we saw how internet changed our lives, now it’s time we experience how mobile technology is going to revolutionize the way we live. Some startups have come up with really exciting ideas.

You can pay the bills (mobile [any service provider], electricity, etc) with the help of just an SMS even if we don’t have internet connection on our mobile .
If you want to locate a place, simple SMS can help you out.
And yaa… there is one website on wedding also.
Web Vivah

There are many more ideas, which I’m unable to recollect right now. You can visit the following site to find those out:

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naresh said...

Good one J to know some updated tech stuff!! Way to go with ur blogs...Appreciate it...