Friday, July 31, 2009

How often do you take a shower?

This is a short and funny conversation among my friends. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Puppy : Thanks to the climate in Visakhapatnam. I take bath thrice a day.
Jayanth : Thanks to the climate in Bangalore. I take bath once in three days.
Rajesh : Thanks to the climate in Noida. I don’t remember when I took bath last time.
Chinna : Thanks to the climate in Netherlands. I don’t know what does ‘bath’ mean?


ArunCP said...

The climate in Noida during this time is horribly humid. How does Rajesh not remember the last time he took a bath?

Jet said...

Hey Arun:) This conversation took place in February. I thought I would post this then but I couldn't :P