Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Independence Day Celebrations by Samanvaya Foundation

After a long time, I woke up early in the morning on 15th of August. If you are guessing that someone woke me up with a calling bell, you are wrong. Guess again. Yes! your wildest guess is correct. I woke up early in the morning to join the students of Government Higher Primary School in celebrating the Independence Day. To mark the 62nd Independence Day and to pay respect to our nation, the students of Government Higher Primary School, Jakksandra celebrated the Independence Day with great enthusiasm. On behalf of Samanvaya Foundation, I helped the students in Independence Day arrangements and distributed the national flags to all the students to imbibe the feeling of nationalism.

    To grace the occasion, some esteemed people in the society were invited. Students welcomed the guests in a traditional way with flowers and lemon. The celebrations began when the chief guest, the president of the Bangalore Rotary Club, hoisted the flag while the students sang the National Anthem. Later, the students sang patriotic songs and even performed for the folk songs. The performance of the talented children truly reflected the glimpse of rich culture in India. Along with the volunteers of Samanvaya Foundation, I sang a motivating hindi song “Hum Honge Kamyab….”, which means “We shall overcome…”. The inspired students responded with a huge applaud.

    Sir Menon who is guiding Samanvaya Foundation prepared a book on Communication Skills and Vedic Mathematics. Ms Sudha, one of the sponsors of Samanvaya Foundation, released the book and distributed a few copies of the book among the students to mark the occasion. I could see a spark of light their eyes when the students received the books. Their eyes reflected the passion to learn and the zeal to succeed. Later, I distributed the chocolates and biscuits among the kids.

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I wish i was there..