Thursday, January 13, 2011

Whaaaaat a Surprise!!!

It was 3pm when I received a call from Kirti.

Kirti: Hey dude.. Wassup?
Jayanth: Nothing much dude.. Same old story… work.. apps.. search..
Kirti: Any progress in any of these?
Jayanth: Nopes… By the way, what are your plans for Pongal?
Kirti: No plans. How about you?
Jayanth: Oh! I want to go to Kakinada. But one and a half month back, the train ticket status was W/L 289. I may go home, if I get a bus ticket.
Kirti: Oh! Is it? But you don’t travel by bus. Right?
Jayanth: Yeah! I don’t want to. But there is no other option. I want to be there with my family for Pongal.
(The conversation went on for a minute)
Kirti: OK Dude.. Take care. Enjoy Pongal.

    I received a mail with a Kingfisher airlines ticket to Visakhapatnam. Oh Boy! It took me by a big surprise… When I find it difficult to get even a bus ticket, a flight ticket was booked on my name without my knowledge.

Later, I called Kirti who confirmed that he want to surprise me and want me to spend time with my family during Pongal. I said that I was really surprised but he should have informed me prior to booking the ticket as Visakhapatnam is 3 hours from my town, Kakinada. This conversation continued for 2 more minutes.
Kirti: OK Dude.. Happy Journey. Enjoy Pongal.

Now, I received two mails. One is about cancellation of ticket to Visakhapatnam and another about booking a new ticket to Rajahmundry. Now, I don’t have words for the next one hour. For sure, this is the biggest surprise to me in the last two years. Let's see what surprises 2011 has in store for me.

I wanted to return the money to Kirti. But, after knowing that the cost of the ticket is a whopping 10K rupees, I thought “OK. Let it be a surprise :) Thank you Kirti... You made my day..:D


Phani said...

Jayanth!! cool ra. Happy pongal. Enjoy pongal with your family. Alane naku India ticket sponsor chesi surprise cheyyi :)

spruthi said...

enjoy pongal annayya...and don't forget to ask abt return ticket booking :P

Jet said...

@Phani :- Hey Phani... Thank u for ur wishes raa..:) Ninnu surprise chesthe nenu bankrupt avuthaanu raa..:))

Jet said...

@ Hi chellamma... I got the return also.. but this time, the hole is in my friend Kiran's pocket:)) He reserved train tkts but he canelled his plans to visit Kakinada.. So, he gave me that return tkt, which was not booked online:) Sudi unte okkosaari emi cheyyalemu :D Anni alaa jarigipothaayi:)