Monday, February 10, 2014

Jet’s Jaaazzzzzz…. Need I say more?

Lazy Bones... me..:)

Firstly, thanks to my friends, teammates, colleagues and relatives who bore with me during my car research for the best urban car on hyderabad roads. After a six-month car research, I couldn’t find even a single hatchback or sedan matching Jazz’s standards or style. So, I went ahead and reserved one when the petrol price was at an all time high of 82 Rs/liter while every other new car owner was desperately craving for a diesel (45 Rs/liter) car. Whoever asks me “Kitana dethi hai?” I suggest that they better use public transport.
Honda Jazz’s review:
Ultra smooth engine, Smashing looks (at least on Hyderabad roads) with futuristic design, Best in quality Music and air-condition, Trendy dashboard and magic seats, Spacious interiors, Safety.
Mileage (when compared with that of diesel cars), The most expensive petrol hatch in India.
My experiences:
When I drove my car to my apartment on the first day, a couple of guys came to me and introduced themselves and asked more about me, praising the car as well. Since then, my car’s huge head turner appeal made me feel proud almost every day before passersby. Recently, a software engineer on a two-wheeler admired my car at a crowded JNTU traffic signal and praised me with his gestures while everyone around envied.

After 2 years... it makes me feel good for making the right decision... You know what!!!

Now petrol price is 79/- and Diesel price is 60/- ... hehe

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