Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waaaw! I missed it…

Do you remember the last time you missed a bus or a train?

What was your reaction?

Oops! Shit! …and what not!

Though I encountered many such situations, the recent one would last long down my memory lane. These days, I work less and participate more in meetings(inactively). When I was in one meeting, a glimpse at my watch took me by surprise. I was left with 3 hours to catch a flight to Pune in order to meet a customer the next day. I had to travel all the way from electronic city to airport with a halt at koramangala to pick my baggage.

Though I sailed swiftly through a hefty traffic to reach Koramangala, I took enough time to pack my baggage, take bath and have early dinner. With only one and a half hour to catch the flight, the skillful cab driver fetched me to airport with 20 minutes to spare. When I was about to get down, the sight of the baskin robbins ice-cream outlet tickled my taste buds. I rushed to the shop, got my favorite “pralined cashew” scoop and sprinted to collect my boarding pass. “Sorry! You are late by 4 minutes”. These words immediately induced a powerful stare that turned my head towards the cone in my hand.

Then, I said “Waaaw! Thank you” with a big smile on my face.

Even before the Spice Jet employees digest my reply, I canceled the flight ticket and booked another ticket for the next flight, Kingfisher class. I was fortunate enough to get the reimbursement for both the tickets:)


ArunCP said...

I don't understand why this was memorable to you :)

Jet said...

Dude, missing a flight doesn't happen every other day.. that too at free of cost:D The mixed feelings I experienced during this event are memorable:)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are not having similar experiences with the client meetings which you are attending... :)

syed fazal rahiman said...

was surprised by instantaneous "Thank You "...did u by any chance deja vu dat u wud be getting re-imbursement for the ticket u missed..

Jet said...

@Anonymous: Yeah! I had similar experiences but at a lesser gravity

@Syed: No deja vu:) I missed the plane.. So, i thought i'd rather spend my time taking rest than wasting my time cursing myself. So, i booked another ticket and took rest.