Friday, March 4, 2016

How to travel affordably in Europe ?

I have travelled across many countries in Europe over the last one year. Euro trip is a dream for many. It is very beautiful, yet expensive. I found a way out to travel affordably in Europe. I hope that my post would help fellow travellers/explorers who are looking forward to travel in Europe, affordably.

Finalize Destination:
When? : April - October for Euro trip. October-March for Aurora Borealis.
Weather: Check weather forecast. Make sure it is not rainy.
Festivals: European cities are full of life during festivals. A trip during unique festivals is fun and adventurous (La Tomatino, Oktoberfest, Battles of the Oranges, Haro Wine festival, Bullrun, Bullfight).

Best Travel fare:
Plan: Plan 2-3 months in advance to get the best fare
Public Holidays: Tickets cost a fortune during public holidays
Best fare: If dates are finalized, search in and skyscanner.
                 If dates are not finalized check the fares in Ryanair, blablacar,
Airport-City: Avoid odd hours to get better transport from airport-city and vice versa.
Commute: Each city has a different travel plan. Try to take a 3 or 4 day pass that covers tourist attractions and travel within the city.

Reserve Accommodation:
Free: Stay with friends/relatives, Couchsurfing
Paid: Hostel Bookers, Airbnb,
Where?: Center of the city - Nightlife is awesome in the center of the city and usally many tourist attractions are in the middle of the city

Before you travel, read about the country, its culture, history of the place, tourist attractions, currency and visa process.

I have many more suggestions to make your vacation, a wonderful outing. Shoot a mail to for any tips/queries related to travel within Europe.

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