Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Solo Backpacking Experience to Vienna

I never understood how someone can get motivated enough to travel alone, till I set out on my first trip in Germany. My idea of travel was to go out with a group of 6-8 friends and have fun with them. An unexpected solo trip to Vienna not only changed my view of travel but also redefined the way I think, plan and perceive things around me.

        It's a 4-day weekend and my lazy bones already ate up half a day, in contemplating how to enjoy. An impulsive force stimulated me to search for the locations nearby Munich. My crazy decibels said "Come on! Come on Jet! Go! Go!". In less than a minute, I finalized Vienna as I liked its pronunciation . I inquired a friend about the transport and came to know that blablacar is a good option. Through blablacar, I contacted a person who said that he will be at my hotel in 10 minutes. I stuffed my backpack with a few clothes, whatever my hand can catch, and rushed downstairs. I got into the car with 3 more guys from different countries. Here comes my biggest puzzle. Where do I stay in Vienna? What places should I visit in Vienna?

          A quick chat in the car and a google search provided some pointers. I booked a hostel through my mobile and contacted 'Tourist Information Center' as soon as I landed in Vienna. I was surprised to see the whole Vienna assembling to attend Philharmonic music performance. I quickly joined those souls and got drenched in music. For the rest of my trip, I was mesmerized by the architecture of the buildings, the sculptures and statues in the middle of the roads, and the historic places, cafes and bakeries that Mozart and Hitler preferred to spend their time at.  In hostels, I met different blokes from various countries, roamed around with them, attended operas, tasted local cuisines and danced with the crowd in Vienna's summer festival.

         My solo trip to Vienna turned out to be the most exciting trip. In a solo trip, you can decide on where to go and how much time to spend without looking for others' consent. You spend more time to understand the history and culture of the place which can alter your views  and this is the main purpose of travel. I have learnt a lot in this trip in terms of the challenges it has thrown, the decisions I made and the experiences I relished. In short, it just showed me who I am without much introspection. I sincerely recommend that you take a solo trip to get close to your soul. Trust me! You will love it.

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